Our Zapier add-on allows site managers to connect Sugar Calendar to Zapier to integrate it with 3,000+ other webapps.


The Zapier add-on requires:

  • WordPress 5.3.0 or later
  • PHP 5.6 or later
  • Sugar Calendar 2.0.17 or later
  • A Professional or Ultimate license to Sugar Calendar


Installing the Zapier add-on is done like any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Download the add-on from your account page
  2. Upload the file through WordPress (see this guide) or install it via FTP (see this guide)
  3. Navigate to WP Admin → Plugins and click Activate on Sugar Calendar - Zapier

You are now ready to set up your first Zap in Zapier!

Authentication with Zapier

In order for Zapier to communicate with Sugar Calendar on your website, you will need to authenticate Zapier with Sugar Calendar.

First, navigate to WP Admin → Calendar → Settings → Zapier. On this screen will be your API keys that will be entered into Zapier in the next step.

There are two API keys:

  • Public Key
  • Token

These will be entered in the respective fields on when prompted.

Second, log into, click on My Apps and then click Add Connection. In the pop up, type Sugar Calendar:

Clicking on Sugar Calendar will then trigger another popup asking you to authenticate your website with Zapier:

Here you will enter the Public Key and the Token from the Zapier settings tab of your Sugar Calendar installation. You will also enter your site URL. Please enter it with the full http:// or https:// and do not include a trailing slash.

For example:

  • Correct:
  • Correct:
  • Incorrect:
  • Incorrect:
  • Incorrect:
  • Incorrect:

Once all three fields have been entered, click Yes, Continue. Zapier will then tell you if the connection was successful. As soon as the authentication has succeeded, you are ready to create your first Zap!

Creating a Zap

After your site is authenticated, click on Make a Zap to begin creating your first Zap to integrate Sugar Calendar with one of 1,500+ other webapps.

Enter Sugar Calendar in the search field:

Next select the Trigger you want to use:

There are three options:

  • New Event - This occurs when a new event is created in Sugar Calendar
  • New Ticket Order - This occurs when one or more event tickets are purchased via the Event Ticketing add-on
  • New Attendee - This occurs when a new attendee record is created from an event ticket purchase

Next choose your Action:

Configure your action however best suits your needs and that's it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there triggers for when Events or Orders are updated?

Not at this time but they will be available in the future.

Are triggers available for when records are deleted?

Not at this time but they will be added in the future.