Organizing Events with Calendars

When you create an Event you can add it to a Calendar. Look for the Calendars box on the right side of Edit Event page.

Sugar Calendar - Calendars box

Calendars are a custom taxonomy, meaning a system of organization and classification, just for Sugar Calendar events. They work very similarly to Post Categories that your blog posts use.

  • They are similar to Post Categories in that Calendars can have parent/child relationships.
  • They are different from a Post Categories in that an Event can only be on one Calendar.

In the example image above, you can imagine a calendar being used by a college. Here is how this college might set up it's Calendars. This college has two campuses (north and south) and each campus hosts two types of events (athletic events and public lectures).

The resulting taxonomy would have several Calendars with these parent/child relationships:

  • The College
    • North Campus
      • Athletic Events
      • Public Lectures
    • South Campus
      • Athletic Events
      • Public Lectures

Note: Calendars have been called 'Calendars' since Sugar Calendar version 2.0.0. Before v2.0.0 this taxonomy was called 'Categories'. It was decided that it was better to have a separate name, since it's a separate system of organization than WordPress default Posts.

Add an Event to a Calendar

To add an Event to a Calendar, type a new Calendar name by clicking the Add New Calendar button. Then, when creating future Events, add it to the same Calendar by clicking the little round 'radio button' next to its name, or add a new Calendar by again clicking the Add New Calendar button.

The Calendar screen

On the Calendar screen you can see a list of all your Calendars and can rename, edit slugs, and change the parent/child relationships. It’s very similar to the Post categories screen for blog posts. 

When logged in to your WordPress admin:

  • Click on Calendar
  • You’ll land on the Events tab where you view events
  • But look on the top left and click the Calendars tab and you’ll be taken to the Calendar screen
  • You can view and edit all your Calendars here

Sugar Calendar - Calendars screen

Pro tip: when editing existing Calendars, hover over the Calendar's name and click the Quick edit button to make edits, it faster, you’ll almost never need to use the Edit screen which loads in a new page.