Google Maps

The Google Maps add-on allows you to easily display a Google Map of the event location on the event details page.

General Setup

Once installed and activated, you will see the Google Maps options area by navigating to Calendar → Settings → Maps.

All that is required is a Google Maps API key.

NOTE: You can read more below on how to obtain an API key.

Once the API key is in place, you'll create an event and add the location in a standard address format like so:

When viewing the single event page, the Google Maps add-on will automatically generate a map based on the location entered for the event. 

Google Maps API

The Google Maps add-on requires a Google Maps API key. Below are the steps to obtain one. 

You'll first want to login/create an account on the Google Cloud Platform here:

Once the account is created, you will search for the "Maps Javascript API" and enable that on your account.

Once enabled, you will navigate to the "Credentials" tab in the console window and setup (or edit) credentials which will then produce an API key for use. You'll then copy that API key and place it in Google Maps options area in Sugar Calendar settings referenced above. 

NOTE: This document is for reference only. If you require assistance with the setup of the Google Maps Javascript API, you will need to contact Google support.