WP All Import

The Sugar Calendar WP All Import Add-on allows you to bulk import events into Sugar Calendar using WP All Import. To use the add-on you need the WP All Import plugin installed as well and you can use either the free version of WP All Import or the Pro version.

Initial Setup

Once you've installed and activated both the WP All Import and the Sugar Calendar WP All Import plugins you will navigate to All Import → New Import in your WordPress Dashboard.

Below is a video tutorial on basic functionality of WP All Import. 

Sugar Calendar Specific Settings

After choosing an import file, you'll select "Events" from the "New Items" dropdown selection. 

Step 2 will provide an overview of the import data and unless there is custom filtering needed, this screen can be skipped.

In Step 3 you will drag and drop Event information located in the right column into the appropriate areas on the left side of the screen. 

In Step 4 you will be asked to provide a "Unique Identifier". This can be any information to identify events, but for good measure we recommend using the "Title" as well as the "Start Date" and "End Date". This is especially helpful if you are importing recurring events as the dates will identify each event individually. You will drag and drop these areas in the same way you do in Step 3.

Finally, you'll be presented with a summary/review page showing what will be done when the import is started. 

Upon a successful import you will be presented with a confirmation page.