Calendar Feeds

The Calendar Feeds add-on allows you to sync events from Sugar Calendar to other calendar applications, such as Google Calendar, iCal, and more.

Calendar Feeds works by translating the event data in WordPress to the iCalendar Standard format. This allows other calendar applications to read and import event data from Sugar Calendar.


  • WordPress 5.0 or higher
  • PHP 5.6.20 or higher
  • Sugar Calendar 2.0.14 or higher

Installation and Setup

First, download the .zip from your account page then log into your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins  Add New  Upload Plugin.

After the plugin has been installed, activate it then navigate to Calendar  Settings  Feeds.

Here you can enable each of the feed options you wish to be displayed to site admins and visitors. There are four feed options:

  • Google - This is a feed specifically formatted for Google Calendar. When clicked, it will option Google Calendar in a new tab or window to the calendar import screen.
  • Webcal - This is a feed that, when opened, will trigger your operating system to open the web-based calendar application set as the system default.
  • Download - This feed will trigger a file download of a .ics file of your calendar that can then be imported into any calendar app that supports importing calendars from files.
  • Direct - This feed outputs the .ics data directly in your web browser and can be used by calendar apps with a "From Web" or "From URL" import option.

The enabled feeds will be displayed on all calendars. Here's an example of the feeds shown in the main calendar admin:

And an example of feeds on the frontend:Synchronization Notes

When events are added to a calendar application through one of the feed options, all events present on the calendar at that time will be imported. Depending on which feed option you use, events added in the future may also be imported.

The Google Calendar, Webcal, and Direct feeds will synchronize all current and future events. The Download feed will not update the calendar app when new events are created. When importing events through a .ics download file, only the events currently on the calendar will be imported.

All calendar applications have their own specifics when it comes to synchronizing events. Some calendar apps will update events from the web feed every few hours, some will give an option to manually "poll for new events", and some may only update once every few days. Due to differences in how events are synced, you may see up to a 24 hour delay before events created in Sugar Calendar are shown in external calendar applications like Google Calendar or iCal.