The Sugar Event Calendar plugin comes with several different widgets that you can use for showing event-related information and tools.

Calendar List

This widget can be used for displaying a list of event Calendars. The Calendar name will be linked to the archive for that Calendar, so when clicked, only events filed in that Calendar will be displayed.

Event Calendar

This widget is used for showing a calendar inside of a widget area. It can show both large and small calendars, as well as calendars with all events, or only specified Calendars. The usage of this widget is described in full in the "Displaying the Calendar" section.

Event Filter

This widget can be used to provide some filtering controls for the event archives. Because the filtering controls provided by this widget only work on the event post type archive and the event Calendar archives, you should not use this widget to try and filter a calendar display.

The filtering controls this widget provides are as follows:

  • View All Events - this will unset any filters you have applied
  • View Upcoming Events - this will show only events that have not yet occurred
  • View Past Events - this will show events that have already happened
  • Order: ASC - DESC - this will change the order that events are displayed, nearest to farthest and farthest to nearest.

Events List

This widget can be used for showing a plain-text list of events. With the widget options, you can choose whether to show only upcoming or past events (or all), the event Calendar to show, and how many events you want to show.

When showing Upcoming Events, events will be shown with the nearest at the top (the ones closest to happening).

When showing Past Events, events will be shown with the most recently past at the top.